Emar mutt of Puri in discussion again for silver bricks

Puri:  The famous Emar Mutt of Puri in Odisha is again in discussion over recovery of 47 silver bricks. Earlier in 2011 also the mutt was in news after 522 silver bricks had been recovered from here.

As per reports, the new Trust Board took charge of the management of the famous Emar mutt in Puri on Friday. The hand over process of properties of the mutt is going on today. The Inspector of the Endowment Dept, Trustee of the Trust Board and other members of the Trust are preparing the list of properties.

It has been learnt that the Mahant of the mutt Rajgopal Ramanuj Das, who was not cooperating earlier, is cooperating now. As per a directive, he can only do worship and take care of the rituals of worship at the mutt, while the Trust Board will take care of the financial transactions.


While the Emar Mutt of Puri in Odisha is in discussion over recovery of silver bricks, reports have been received regarding recovery of 45 silver bricks. These bricks have been reportedly unearthed from a locked room in the said mutt premises.

As per reports, the silver bricks have been recovered after digging out floor of a locked room in presence of Inspector of the Endowment and members of the new Trust board. It was kept inside a gunny bag.

In 2010 the Endowment Department had listed different articles of the mutt. In this list, the said 45 silver bricks were also listed. As per the Mahant the bricks were buried beneath the floor as the mutt was unsafe. After intervention of the Endowment Department these bricks have been recovered. Each of these bricks are said to be more than 30 kgs. After weight and measure, these bricks will be handed over to the new Trust Board.

It is to be noted that in 2011, as many as 522 silver bricks had been seized from the mutt premises which were not listed in the Endowment list. Ramakrushna Das, the Matha Mahanta of Radhaballav mutt has informed about recovery of these bricks.

On the other hand, advocate of Emar Mutt has claimed the property hand over process as illegal.

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