Now Aadhaar card will come in new form, like ATM card in wallet; Apply this way

These days the importance of Aadhaar Card has increased a lot. It is counted in the necessary documents. Earlier Aadhaar Card used to be of large size, which was difficult to keep together. UIDAI has made it in convenient size due to this problem. Now you will be able to keep the Aadhaar PVC card in your wallet (purse) like an ATM card and it will not be spoiled for many years. You will get this for just 50 rupees.

According to UIDAI, the Aadhaar card can be reprinted on a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) card. It can now be stored in a wallet like an ATM or debit / credit card.

UIDAI gave this information via tweet. Now you can apply for your Aadhaar PVC card. It is durable and attractive as well as equipped with state-of-the-art security features. It features holograms, guilloché patterns, ghost images, and microtext. There will be a fee of Rs 50 for this card.

Here’s how to apply for Aadhaar PVC card:

For this, apply on UIDAI website.

On the website, go to My Aadhaar section and click on the order Aadhaar PVC Card.

After this, you have to enter the 12 digit number of Aadhaar or 16 digit virtual ID or 28 digit Aadhaar Enrollment (EID).

After this, you have to fill the security code or captcha.

Click on Send OTP to get OTP.

After this, fill in the empty OTP received on the registered mobile number and submit it.

After the subscription, you will see the preview of the Aadhaar PVC card.

After this, click on the payment option given below. After this you will be sent to the payment page, where you will have to pay a fee of Rs 50.

After payment, the process of your Aadhaar PVC card will be completed.

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