No announcement made by us for closure of shops in Cuttack city by 2 pm: DCP Cuttack

Cuttack: DCP Cuttack made it clear that no announcement was made to close shops in Odisha’s Cuttack city by 2 pm amid lock down 3.0.

In the official Twitter handle of DCP Cuttack it has been made clear that Police are updating the citizens with all information about government guidelines, norms and regulations before any action or enforcement. Hence, public should not believe fake news.

The twitter post reads: Do not believe in Fake News. We are updating you all information 24×7 (Govt. guidelines, norms & regulations etc.) much before any action/enforcement. Appeal all persons to cooperate with us in this difficult time & let’s join together to fight #COVID19 pandemic.

“We made it clear that no announcement made by us for closure of shops at Cuttack city by 2pm today. Request all citizens please send us any video/ recording about this rumour and we will take strong action against them who are spreading fake information to public”, another tweet reads.

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