Niali sheep killing: ‘Wolf like’ killer animal to be dispersed in 2 days

Niali sheep killing: Wolf like animals attack sheep, will be dispersed in 2 daysBhubaneswar: While the mysterious animal, which has created havoc in Niali area of Cuttack district by killing more than 150 sheep in the last two months, is yet to be traced, Forest and Environment Minister Bijayashree Routray on Tuesday said that the animal looks like  a wolf. The Minister also assured that the killer animal would be dispersed from the area in a couple of days.

“An animal looking like a wolf comes from the nearby forest and attacks sheep. They breed during this period of the year. They kill the sheep and dig out the livers and carry them to feed their pups,” said Routray while speaking to Kalinga TV.

The Minister also said that forest officials are fully aware about it and will guard the dens of the animals. Besides, action will be taken to disperse the animals from the area.

“Forest officials are fully aware about the matter. They have already identified the dens of the animals. All possible steps are being taken and the animals will be dispersed from the area in the next two days. Besides, the people will be putting lights near the dens,” added the Minister.

Despite close vigil by the villagers and forest officials, however, two persons were allegedly attacked by the mysterious animal last night.

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