NGO to save stray dogs in city by ‘illuminated collars’

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Illuminating livesBhubaneswar: To save stray animals from falling prey to road mishaps, a Bhubaneswar based animal rights NGO, the Animal Welfare Trust Ekamra, launched a new campaign named “Illuminating Lives” on Sunday.

The one-of-its-kind campaign sets a target to affix reflective radium collars on the necks of stray animals on the streets of Bhubaneswar to increase their visibility to the motor riders in the night. Formed by a group of spirited youngsters and led by the founder Purabi Patra, the campaign would affix illuminating collars on the necks of around 100 stray canines in the first phase of the campaign.

“We would start with stray dogs and have set a target to affix reflective collars on the necks of stray dogs in the first phase to keep them safe from road accidents. These straps made of radium material would illuminate in the lights of vehicle lamp to give a good visibility of stray dogs to the commuters,” said Purabi. “The initiative would save human lives too as a number of commuters meet with accidents everyday after hitting these stray animals by mistake on road,” he added.

The NGO has planned to bring cows, bulls and even cats wandering on streets into the scope of its campaign in the coming days.

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