Newly discovered dinosaur, Was 32 feet long with a Crocodile face

Recently, Dinosaur remains have been discovered from the south coast of England. Scientists say that this could be those of the largest predators that existed in Europe.

Chris Barker, a PhD student, led this study. According to him it was a huge animal and probably weighed several tonnes. He said,”Judging from some of the dimensions, it appears to represent one of the largest predatory dinosaurs ever found in Europe – maybe even the biggest yet known.” He further added,”It’s a shame it’s only known from a small amount of material, but these are enough to show it was an immense creature.”

This latest discovery has been named as the ‘white rock spinosaurid’. It has been named after the geological layer in which it was found. The found bones were discovered at Isle of Wight. The bones included a huge pelvic and a tail vertebrae.

Paleontologists from the University if Southampton have identified the prehistoric bones to be of a two-legged, crocodile-faced predatory dinosaur, categorically known as ‘spinosaurids’. The carnivore is believed to have measured more than 32 feet in length and survived around 125 million years back.

The entire team of researchers now hopes to get into details of sections of the material to be able to scan the microscopic internal properties of the bones to gain more clarification on the animal’s growth rate and possible age. Co-author Jeremy Lockwood said, “Most of these amazing fossils were found by Nick Chase, one of Britain’s most skilled dinosaur hunters, who sadly died just before the COVID epidemic. I was searching for remains of this dinosaur with Nick and found a lump of the pelvis with tunnels bored into it, each about the size of my index finger. We think they were caused by bone-eating larvae of a type of scavenging beetle.”




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