New rules for LPG gas cylinder! OTP is must to get LPG Cylinder; know more

New rule has been issued for cooking gas. You will not get cylinder if you do not have one-time password (OTP). Now the OTP has become mandatory to get the gas cylinder. The rule has been issued with an aim to provide fast and hi-tech services to the customers and to check irregularities in the delivery of the gas.

The union government is going to implement the new rule soon. According to the new rules, the customers will be given the LPG cylinders only when they show the OTP, sent by the agency, to the gas delivery boys.

This new rule already has been reportedly implemented in some areas of New Delhi. According to the information, this change is going to happen soon as per the instructions of the Petroleum Ministry. However, at the moment it is not clear when this rule will be strictly enforced.

Here Is How This Will Work: Under this new rule, after the customer books the LPG Cylinder, an OTP number will be sent to the registered mobile number of the consumer as soon as the agency operator prints the consumer’s receipt. When the delivery boy arrives for delivery of the cylinder, he will have to fill this OTP in the company’s application on his phone. Only after this the delivery of gas will be done. Gas companies believe that this rule will check the black marketing of gas. In such a situation, the consumers whose mobile numbers are not updated in the gas connection, they will have to update the number. It is also being said that if there is no OTP, then customers can also take delivery by showing their Aadhar card.

Black Marketing Will Be Stopped: The Petroleum Ministry has issued instructions to digitize all work from gas booking to payment. This rule is already applicable in the free gas being given to Ujjwala consumers. In such a situation, black marketing of gas cylinders will also be stopped by applying it to the common people. Also, people will be able to get the right delivery. However, the agency operators say that this will cause trouble for those people whose cylinder is not registered.

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  1. Lakshmi Narayan says

    When online booking for refill is done, they should provide the likely date of delivery. I find the agencies take their own time to print the receipt. Delivery of cylinders is done 2/3 days after the receipt has been printed.. There is no way you can find out the date of delivery except request/cajole the agency guys. Also, petroleum companies are not keeping track of the performance of the different agencies on real time basis.

  2. Chandramathi says

    What about l p g gas cylenders were heither to booking by my landline.How to proceed after Nov 1st .How i will get my o t p to take delivery of cylnder.

  3. Vino says

    I case the PIN has been delete or lost in the messenger so that at the time of delivery what the customer can follow to get the cylinder

  4. Vinodhini marappan says

    I case the PIN has been delete or lost in the messenger so that at the time of delivery what the customer can follow to get the cylinder

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