New BMC Commissioner Sanjay Kumar Singh Visits 24X7 Call Centre of 1929

Bhubaneswar: The newly-appointed Commissioner of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) Sanjay Kumar Singh visited the 24X7 Call Centre of 1929 Wednesday evening and reviewed its functioning. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) was also with him.

The CEO and BMC Commissioner wanted to know about the numbers of work stations engaged for incoming calls, outgoing calls and consultation with the doctors. The BMC Commissioner was briefed that there are 25 work stations currently engaged for incoming calls, outgoing calls and doctors’ consultation at the Call Centre.

After learning about the call pressure and people’s increasing dependency over the 24X7 Call Centre of 1929, the CEO and BMC Commissioner directed to add another five work stations. He also directed that resting facility to be developed for the doctors and Call Centre executives. As per his advice, there will be two different rooms for ladies and gents, respectively inside BSCL office, which will be functional from tomorrow.

The CEO and BMC Commissioner emphasized on improving the functioning of the call centre on the basis of feedback received from people. He advised that there should be minimal call drops and the Call Centre should try to help all who are calling for help.

The CEO and BMC Commissioner was also briefed about the Help Desks being planned by BSCL to be made functional at various COVID hospitals across the city soon to act as a bridge between the critically ill patients and their family members. As per the new arrangement while six help desk executives will be deployed at SUM COVID Hospital, five will be at KIMS COVID Hospital, three at Hi-Tech COVID Hospital and one each at Aditya-Ashwini and Blue Wheel Hospital respectively.

The executives at the COVID hospital Help Desks will keep updating the status of the critical patients to the family members. The Help Desk executives will be given Smart phones.

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