Nayagarh: Class IX student makes e-cycle that can run up to 30 km per hour: Watch

Nayagarh: A Class IX student from Nayagarh district of Odisha has come up with an e-cycle that can run at a speed of 30 kilometres per hour. Enthusiasts are seen crowding to witness the rare invention by the child.

Propelled by solar energy, the e-cycle has been made by Manas Sahu, son of Santosh Sahu from Jogiapali village in Khandapada block of Nayagarh district.

Asked what made to invent the e-cycle, the Class IX student narrated that his father has installed a machine to prepare leaf plates in the house. However, as the electricity department asked him to make the electric connection commercial, he decided to go for a solar system that costed him around Rs.1.5 lakh. Now, using the energy produced from the solar system he not only ran the leafplate press machine but also running the electrical appliances like the washing machine, freeze, cooler etc.

After witnessing the energy production system of the solar panels installed at the home, Manas became interested to make a cycle using the solar panels which will make him free from pedalling the cycle and also will move with more speed. Accordingly, he started working on it.

Initially his father was not cooperating, but later he provided all the articles to make the machine. Within some days the kid became successful to come up with the e-cycle.

Now, both Manas and his father can travel about 100 km in a day riding the e-cycle and they don’t need to pedal and can move at a speed of 30 km per hour. Manas can move to Khandapada, Odagan or any other place from their village with the e-cycle and without any cost. Since the solar panels accumulate energy from sunlight which gets converted to mechanical energy to run the vehicle, the inventor does not need to spend for fuel or electricity. Even his father brings things weighting up to one ton on the e-cycle. While invention by the kid has become the talk of the town these days in Nayagarh, many people also want to have one such cycle for their use.

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