Mystery animal returns to Niali; kills 2 sheep

KalingaTV News Network

Niali: After a long lull, sheep deaths resurfaced in Niali block in the district on Tuesday morning after four sheep were found killed by mysterious creature in Kulajalarpur village under Jalarpur panchayat last night.

Carcasses of sheep were found in one Trianath Parida’s house early in the morning. Parida, who went on an inspection of his cattle shed located at the backyard of his house, found the animals lying in a pool of blood. Their livers were also found gouged out of the body pointing at the similar modus operandi of the mystery animal which left people in a lurch in the area last year.

“The predator possibly struck between 1 AM and 4 AM as I found the sheep alive during a visit to the cattle shed late in the night. We suspect it to be a case of mystery animal attack,” said Sagar, son of Trinath.

The mystery animal attack which stole was last reported on December 25, 2017 and Kalinga TV aired a visual of the predator captured by Forest Department CCTVs installed in the area, the next day.

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