Must Watch And Learn! In This Viral Video Elephant Teaches How To Cross The Road

The video of an elephant is becoming viral on social media. In this video, Elephant is seen crossing the pavement. There are ropes on the side of the pavement, but the elephant is crossing that rope erected along the side of the footpath.

We all know that elephant has so much strength that he can go forward even breaking the rope, but he is so smart that he crossed it without sabotage. The elephant is being praised for this.

This video, which has been shared by Indian Forest Officer (IFS) Praveen Kaswan on his Twitter handle, is becoming fiercely viral on social media.

“With power comes responsibility. Says this elephant. A forward,” he captioned the video while sharing it.

So far, the video has got 112.9K viewership and 11K likes. At the same time, people are giving different reactions by watching this video.

Here are some of comments the video has gained:

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