Must know for debit, credit card holders; Follow these tips to avoid online fraud

Currently, digital transactions are growing rapidly, due to Corona, most people now hesitate to make cash payments and put more emphasis on digital payments. Apart from this, the trend of credit cards has increased in big cities as well as small cities but using credit cards is not so easy.

The customer needs to be more careful while using their credit and debit cards. To avoid any kind of fraud, keep an eye on every transaction of credit card and keep it secure. HDFC Bank has shared some easy steps to make the use of credit and debit cards easy and secure for customers; let’s know.

  1. Always keep the cards with you

Before using a credit card, always keep in mind that like debit cards, credit card information is also not to be shared. Always keep your card with you and do not give the card in the hands of any of your knowledge holders.

  1. Keep changing your PIN

Keep changing PIN of your cards. Make sure to change the PIN of your cards at least twice a year and always keep the PIN so that it is very difficult to guess.

  1. Do not share OTP

Do not share the OTP related to your cards to anyone. Even if you have received a call from the bank, do not share it with the OTP bank. OTPs are purely private information that does not have to be shared with anyone. OTP is for digital transactions only.

  1. Watch alerts and statements carefully

Pay special attention to credit card related alerts and statements. Whenever you make a transaction with your credit card, you will get an SMS from the bank, which you will have to read carefully. Apart from the alert, you have to pay equal attention to the statement issued by the bank.

  1. Do not use the card on suspicious websites or apps

If shopping online, make sure that the website link has https: // instead of http: //. Apart from this, take alert service for every type of transaction. In case of ATM and online transactions, the bank sends SMS instantly.

  1. Never click on suspicious links

Do not click on the email or link claiming the bank with the credit card, it can also be phishing in a way. Banks will never ask for your PIN, details phone or email. If you ever feel that the email has come from a suspicious address, report to the bank immediately.

  1. Report to the bank immediately if the card is stolen

If your card has been stolen or you have made any wrong transaction, then immediately call the customer number and inform the bank about this. You can contact the branch through phone or online banking through ATMs. This will block the bank and stop fraudulent transactions immediately.

Apart from this, SBI has also shared some tips on the use of credit cards and debit cards for customers:

  1. The customer should monitor the debit-credit card during use and withdraw it immediately.
  2. Always check if the transaction is any different between SMS details and actual transactions.
  3. Dispose of the receipts safely after ATM transaction
  4. Never allow merchants to save your card information
  5. Avoid sharing CVV and PIN with anyone
  6. Do not leave your credit card or debit card with anyone
  7. Do not share cards and card details with anyone
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