Mumbai-based Devotee donates 5kg of gold for ornaments of Lord Jagannath

Puri: The Shree Jagannath Temple has decided to get new set of gold ornaments for the Trinity .

The SJTA Chief Administrator Kishan Kumar held a meeting along with Sevayat members of managing committee of SJTA, representatives of Deula Karan, Tadhau Karan and Bhandar Mekap.

A Mumbai-based devotee had expressed his desire to donate 5 kg of gold for making jewellery of the holy Trinity.

The SJTA had sent the traditional designs being in use by the deities for reference. The SJTA has approved the designs sent by the devotee following traditional designs of the Trinity.

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The new ornaments for Lord Jagannath and his siblings include items like Shreemukha Padma, Payar, Jhobakanti, Tadaku and several other necklaces.

The new set of jewellery for the dieties will be ready by the end of Kartik month, informed Temple Managing Committee Member, Ramachandra Dasmahapatra.

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