Mother’s Blood Pressure May Predict Sex Of Baby!

A research of doctors at Mount Sinai Hospital in Canada have found out sex of a baby may be predicted by the mother’s blood pressure (BP). The researchers have reportedly found out that women with lower BP before pregnancy are more likely to give birth to a girl while women with high BP before pregnancy are more likely to give birth to a boy.

A team of researchers led by Dr Ravi Retnakaran, endocrinologist at Mount Sinai Hospital, have found out this.

According to Dr Ravi, the information about mother’s blood pressure predicting the sex of baby was known only during a research.

According to reports, this research had started from China in 2009. As many as 3375 women were recruited for the test in Liuyang, China. A total of 1,692 women out of the 3375 were assessed for blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose.

The reports further said that 281 women were later excluded while other 1,411 women who were assessed at median 26.3 weeks before pregnancy were selected for the study. The women were kept under observation and their pregnancies resulted in the delivery of 739 boys and 672 girls.

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