Mother chicken saves chicks from Cobra: Watch viral video

In a viral YouTube video it was witnessed recently how a mother chicken put up a brave fight to keep it’s chicks safe from the jaws of a poisonous king cobra. The video has so far earned 30,504,002 and 9598 comments after posted to YouTube by user WILD COBRA.

May it be a bird, animal or human a mother’s love is unconditional and is the purest form of love. Mothers can go to any length to protect their kids. And it has been proved in this video.

In the video, we can see a king cobra approaching towards a hen and her litter of chicks. Yet, wasting no time, the mother hen comes forward to protect its little chicks. It puts up a brave fight against the snake, furiously flapping her wings and stepping on it with her claws to stop it from slithering towards the chicks. The mother chicken was also seen scaring the snake with her wings and claws.

The video has earned a number of comments. In most of the comments people admired the mother chicken and motherhood as well. A user wrote, “Mother is not afraid of anyone in this world, just afraid of losing her children,” while another user commented, “Mother’s love for her children whether human beings or animals is unbreakable.”

Yet, people keenly observed and found that along with the chicks there were baby ducks. A user wrote, “Can we also appreciate how this mother Hen have ducks with her too… Mothers are so amazing.”

Yet another user tried to explain that it was ‘filmed by active human participants, not a natural event caught on a static camera by coincidence’. He commented, “Once I really paid attention to it, I noticed (apart from the guy accidentally wiggling the camera) that the snake they dropped in their snake pit is just confused and looking for an escape route the entire time. Only a couple of the babies (the small, dark ones) belong to the hen, the others are a totally different breed of chicken and at least 4 are baby ducklings. Plus, it’s clearly NOT a chicken pen, as there’s no straw, no feed dish, no water … this is a snake handling pit. They put a brooding hen with her few babies plus some extra chicks and ducklings in there as “cobra fodder” just for laughs, to see what would happen. For once, the people screaming “FAKE!” are totally correct … this is 110% staged and filmed by active human participants, not a natural event caught on a static camera by coincidence,” and it seems very much convincing.

Watch the video here:

(YouTube video courtesy: WILD COBRA)

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