Modi government depositing 7 lakh rupees in students’ account! Know what is true

A news is increasingly becoming viral on YouTube, claiming that the central government is putting money of 7 lakh rupees in the bank account of the students. It was told in the viral news that under the ‘Jeevan Lakshya Yojana’, the central government is giving Rs 7 lakh to the students. When this news was investigated, it turned out to be completely fake. On the social media, many such news are going viral on the day to mislead and cheat people, the central government is constantly making people aware to avoid it.

Claim is being made in viral news

It is being said in this news that under the ‘Jeevan Lakshya Yojana’, the central government is giving Rs 7 lakh in bank accounts of all students. The official Twitter handle of the Government of India, PIB Fact Check, has clearly said that this news is fake.

According to PIB, this claim is fake. The Government of India has not made any such announcement nor is the government running any such scheme.

Earlier, PIB Fact Check had revealed the truth of the claim being made about the ‘Kanya Samman Yojana’ scheme. Actually in another YouTube video it is being claimed that the central government is depositing an amount of Rs 2,500 per month under the ‘Kanya Samman Yojana’ in the bank accounts of all the daughters, but this claim is also fake and such a claim by the central government No plan is being run.

You can also get Fact check

If you also have doubt about the veracity of any government scheme or policies, then you can send it for PIB Fact Check. You can contact PIB Fact Check through various social media platforms or mail. You can contact 8799711259 through WhatsApp. Apart from this, you can also contact @PIBFactCheck on Twitter / PIBFactCheck on Facebook and via email at [email protected]


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