Mobile ATMs of Odisha State Cooperative Bank Play Crucial Role in Puri

Puri: Residents of Puri hailed the Mobile ATM service of Odisha State Cooperative Bank (OSCB) in the aftermath of cyclone Fani. Banking and ATM service is yet to be fully restored in the district which witnessed massive destruction after the Fani made landfall on May 3.

OSCB officials said that as many as 5524 people have utilized the mobile ATM services and have withdrawn cash worth Rs 2.34 crores in last seven days.

Mobile ATMs have played an instrumental role in Puri as 75 out of 275 ATMs in Puri town have been made functional so far. Similarly, 180 banks have started functioning in the district out of the 222 bank branches.

The OSCB has deployed 12 mobile ATMs in the district. While six mobile ATMs are functioning in Puri town, other mobile ATMs have been deployed in places such as Gop, Konark and Nimapara. Besides seven other banks have also engaged 13 mobile ATMs in various parts of the district.

“Withdrawal of cash was almost impossible in the first few days after the cyclone as all the ATMs were closed. But the mobile ATM service helped many residents facing an acute shortage of cash. We also urge the authorities to deploy more mobile ATMs in the district till ATM service is normalized,” said Ajay Mohapatra, a resident of Puri Town.

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