Minor Attempts ATM Theft In Bhubaneswar, Arrested And Sent To Juvenile Home

Bhubaneswar: Minor attempts ATM loot in Bhubaneswar, is arrested by the police and sent to a juvenile reformation home.

The incident has been reported from Ravi Talkies area of Bhubaneswar. Reports say that the youth had learnt how to loot an ATM from a YouTube video. He is said to be just 14-years-old and is a ninth standard student.

He wanted to try out what he had learnt from YouTube and had set forth on the job with a wrench and iron rod at around 1:40 am at night.

He had targeted to loot the UCO Bank ATM situated in the stretch of road between Sanitarium Square to Ravi Talkies Square.

The police night patrolling team spotted him while he was just about to enter the ATM, they grabbed him, arrested him and sent him to a juvenile home in Berhampur.

The incident has created a lot of hue and cry in the nearby area, people are talking about the demerits of internet and how it is corrupting young minds.

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