Miniature Art By Bhubaneswar Based Artist To Celebrate India’s U19 World Cup Win

Bhubaneswar: Fabulous miniature art created by Bhubaneswar-based artist to celebrate India’s Under 19 World Cup win.

The artist Priyanka Sahani has created beautiful artwork on a balloon to mark the momentous win by the Indian junior cricket team.

This Bhubaneswar-based artist said, “India won Under 19 Cricket World cup. Proud moment for all Indians.”

She further added, “My art is on a balloon using pen and acrylic. I took only 20 minutes for this art.”

Priyanka Sahani had come up with an attractive model using bottle and card board and filled in the details with acrylic colour paints to make people aware about cancer.

She had painted a bottle and card board and drawn pictures to show mouth, skin, blood, lung, throat, stomach, breast and ovarian cancer.

Priyanka, was also in news for creating a stunning picture of PM Narendra Modi on his birthday last year.

Priyanka Sahni is a resident of Bhubaneswar. And she does miniature painting. Sahni on PM Modi’s 71st birthday.

She had created the painting with the help of rice, lentils and chuda (grains) it had a picture of PM Modi, the famous artwork Pattachitra of Odisha and the circle of the popular Konark temple was also visible in it.

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