Meeting at Sri Mandir to fix a rate chart for the Mahaprasad

Puri: A meeting was set up at Sri Mandir office on Tuesday to fix a rate chart for the Mahaprasad at the Shri Mandir. Participating in the meeting was Srimandir’s Chief Administrator, Suara-Maha Suara Niyog Representative, and Administrative Committee.

The meeting’s prime aim was to decide the rate chart as per the current rate of the ingredients used in making Mahaprasad.

It was previously decided that the meeting will be held in the beginning of 2019, but this was not done yet. The meeting was finally decided to be undertaken today.

Krushnachandra Samantaray, Manager of Suara-Maha Suara Niyog, said that, “The Niyog is in discussion with the Management Committee, which will decide on the price of various items of  Mahaprasad based on current market and price of various ingredients.”

The meeting other agenda, apart from deciding on rate chart of the Mahaprasad, were proper management of Ananda Bazaar and Information Centre, and construction of a ramp for the physically challenged devotees.

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