Mayurbhanj farmer’s innovative waterwheel earns applause

Mayurbhanj: A poor farmer from Mayurbhanj district of Odisha has come up with a manual water wheel device that is instrumental for lifting water to irrigate the nearby corn fields.

Meet Mahur Tipiria of Badamatalia village under Sukruli block in Mayurbhanj district who has constructed the device. According to him, he went post to pillar to get help for irrigating his 3 acres of land but in vain. Hence he thought of a device which he could make with limited fund. It took him one month of time and now his waterwheel is working not only to irrigate his fields, but other villagers also getting the benefit free of cost.

The maker of the device is educated up to Class 2. With a help of a few pieces of bamboo, wood log, iron rod and waste water bottles the device has been made with ‘desi’ technology.

After the device was made, the water in a small portion of Kantakhaira River was blocked at a place. This water is being lifted to a height with the help of the bottles fixed in the Waterwheel and then supplied to the nearby fields.

According to the farmer it is an economic device and has been made with a small amount of money. It is economic and helpful to many of the village. With the use of this device the farmer not only could irrigate his lands, but other fields are also getting irrigated.

Tipiria is irrigating his lands through this instrument where he has cultivated vegetables including brinjal, tamato, cauliflower, chilly, potato, wheat and also paddy. Now people are flocking to the place to witness the device.

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  1. Ramkishore Singh Rathore says

    Let technical person understand the mechanism and start making standard water wheels along the banks of canals and rivers to irrigate crops without using fossil fuel. I think in this case the wheel rotates by the force of water current and lifts the water up in the bottels pouring in the pan to form a water stream which is carried in the pipe upto the field. Mr Mahur Tipiria should be suitably rewarded by the Union Govt. for this innovation.

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