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Massive elephant herd leaves people in lurch in Balasore


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Balasore: A massive elephant herd comprising of over 90 pachyderms of various sizes left the residents of Nilagiri area in a state of panic today, after sneaking into the district from neighbouring Mayurbhanj in the state.

The herd was seen roaming in the Gopalpur forest, destroying paddy crops in the nearby farmlands, on their way. Comprising of both jumbos and calves the herd which though remained away from the human habitat, people still spent sleepless night yesterday fearing wild elephant attack.

The herd returned to the Gopalpur forest after district forest officials reached the village and tried to disperse them this morning.

Expressing their sense of fear, locals in the area have claimed that it is for the first time that an elephant herd of such a big size have been seen in the area.

The forest department sources on the other hand have said that all precautionary measures are being taken before any effort of driving the pachyderms away taking into account their numbers. It added, the pachyderms have entered into the district from Dalaki forest under Betonati Forest Range of Mayurbhanj.


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