Maoists torch JCB Machines in Koraput

Maoists attack, Padua

Koraput: Challenging the illegal sand transportation from Darliput River in Padua area, the Maoists on Monday night torched three JCB machines of a private company parked on the roadside under the Padua police limits in Koraput district. The JCB machines were engaged in lifting sand from Darliput River.

Srikakulam-Koraput Division Committee of CPI (Maoist) has claimed responsibility for the attack and left a poster on the spot warning against sand lifting from the river.

“The people of Padua region depend on the sand from Darliput River. But some rich contractors from outside are illegally taking away the sand from Darliput River and earning lakhs of rupees since last three years, suppressing the rights of local people”, the poster said. “Our PLGA group torched the JCB Machines to teach a lesson to such exploiters”.

In their poster, the leftist extremist group also threatened outsiders not to take sand from the local river or face severe consequence in future.

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