Maoist letter dubs ‘Gurupriya Bridge’ a means to loot mineral resources


Malkangiri: Maoists have vehemently criticised the ‘Gurupriya Bridge’ in a letter sent to media on Wednesday and alleged that it has been constructed to loot the forest and mineral resources on which the tribal have sole right.

A letter issued in the name of Malkangiri Koraput Vishakha Border (MKVBD) on CPI (Maoist) group and sent to various media organisations and categorically mentioned about the Gurupriya Bridge which stands as the lifeline for 20,000 inhabitants of 151 villages across the Balimela reservoir. It claimed that the vast mineral resources present in the Chitrakonda areas will be looted by the mafias with the help of this bridge.

“In the name of electrification the water level in the Balimela reservoir was let to rise which submerged a vast stretch of farmland in at least seven panchayats of Balimela area causing crop loss to farmers. Government should immediately compensate the farmers affected due to the step,” the letter reads.

The Red Rebels have also warned the government of dire consequences if it fails to sort out all issues related to tribal in the district immediately, through their letter.

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