Manmohan Samal chosen as BJP president for Odisha

Manmohan Samal has been chosen as the BJP president for Odisha by National President JP Nadda on Thursday, he will replace Samir Mohanty.

Bhubaneswar: Bhartiya Janata Party member and leader of opposition Manmohan Samal has been chosen as the BJP president for Odisha. He has been chosen for the post by National President JP Nadda on Thursday. Samal will replace Samir Mohanty.

It is worth mentioning that there are five basic reasons why Manmohan Samal has been chosen as the Odisha President for BJP:

Since Manmohan Samal is the Leader of Opposition (LoP) and he is from Western Odisha, BJP opted for a leader from coastal Odisha to be the party president.

It is worth mentioning that, Manmohan Samal played a very crucial role in ensuring BJP’s win in Dhamnagar bye-elections.

Furthermore, Manmohan Samal is seen as a consensus-builder within the party. A leader who can carry forward the wishes of all the senior and the younger leaders together. He has also proved it in the Dhamnagar bye-elections.

The appointment of Manmohan Samal, may help BJP to wrestle successfully for Bhadrak Lok Sabha seat from BJD which BJD won by only 29,000 votes in 2019.

BJP won Balasore and Mayurbhanj Lok Sabha seats in 2019. Now with a president from Bhadrak district, the party must be hoping to bolster BJP further in the entire northern region and adjacent Districts of Bhadrak.

After being appointed as the BJP president for Odisha, Samal urged all to cooperate in strengthening the party and said BJP will form the government in Odisha in 2024.

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