Man worships a giant dry fish at his shop, offers it tea & biscuits in Odisha’s Bhadrak dist: Watch

Bhadrak: In an unusual affair, a dry fish seller from Bhadrak district of Odisha was recently seen worshiping a giant sukhua that has been hanged at his shop. It was also learned that he regularly offers tea and biscuits to the said dry fish.

Meet Nrusingha Das from Chandbali of Bhadrak district who owns a dry fish shop at the Chandbali market. According to him this is his hereditary profession and his ancestors have been trading sukhua for the last 60 years to earn the livelihood for the family.

The interesting thing about this Sukhua seller and his shop is that one can notice a giant dry fish has been hanged with the help of plastic ropes in front of his shop at Chandbali market. The said dry fish can be seen decorated with colourful artificial flowers.

Das said that he offers tea and biscuits to this Sukhua at his shop on daily basis. It will not be exaggeration to say that he literally worships the sukhua. Of course, this uncommon affair at his shop attracts buyers and pushes his sell up. However, Nrusingha Das is not much worried about implementing creative ways to boom sells, because whether sales at his shop goes up or not, he gets pleasure merely with the glimpse of the huge sukhua at his shop. He has kept it like his son. He has said that he would never sell this sukhua.

Nrusingha Das runs the dry fish shop at Chandbali market. He deals in about 52 varieties of sukhua in his shop. The species include Patharamundi, Manuhari, Ilis, Kantia, Marua, Chuda Gundi Silaa Sukhua and dried prawns.  Das sells the dried fishes to the local people while he also sends sukhua to some other districts of Odisha, as well as to some other Sates.

The dry fish, which are termed Sukhua in Odisha, is a delicacy available in the coastal areas of the Country. Foodies who are fond of non-vegetarian food love to consume Sukhua as an alternative for fish. Many love to have dried or fried sukhua along with watered rice. Sukhua is cheaper than fish. Hence, this is favourite of the low and medium earning groups in the State. However, much effort is required to make sukhua.

Fishermen venture to the sea on their lunch and fishing boat for fishing. After netting fishes, they preserve it by putting it inside ice and return to the shore. While most of the caught fishes are sold, the small amount of fishes which could not be sold immediately, are submerged in a large container filled with salt water and some other chemicals which helps the fishes to get dried soon. Later, these fishes are dried at the Sukhua Khala. After leaving it for at least two days, the different varieties are separated. Now, the different varieties cost different prices ranging from Rs 30 per kg to Rs. 1000 per kg.

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