Man narrowly escapes getting bitten by huge king cobra: Watch scary video

A huge and aggressive cobra was witnessed recently in an Instagram video along with a popular snake catcher. The scary part in the video is that the man is seen once narrowly escaping from getting beaten by the huge reptile.

Uploaded by Instagram user therealtarzann on August 11 the video has gone viral and has so far garnered 457648 likes.

As we can see in the video the famous snake catcher is trying to catch the huge king cobra while it seems even difficult for him to do so. Yet, he carefully handles the reptile and gets success. He begins his effort holding the tail of the large snake which the snake does not likes and it once tries to bite the catcher which he manages to handle by quickly pulling him back. It could be fatal because all of us know king cobra is highly poisonous and we have to heavily pay if it bites. Yet, finally the man overpowers the huge cobra.

The video has also earned many interesting reactions from the user. A user wrote, “And there goes the heart stopping again for you my boi you wild as it gets my guy,” while another user wishes, “ This new YouTube video is going to be straight WYLD.”

And yet another user comes up with an interesting comment. He quips, “You out here Messing with King Cobras and Colombian women…..that’s that dangerous life.”

Another Insta user comments, “Number 1 tip, leave them nighaz alone.”

And Therealtarzann himself comes up with his opinion writing, “I just want to be great I’ve been on a mission to learn as much as possible in this short lifetime we have!”

Watch the video here:


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