Man finds lost money in Odisha’s Kendrapara dist, wants to return it: Watch

Kendrapara: In an instance of generosity, a young man has found cash amounting to lakhs from road in Kendrapara district of Odisha. The noble man wants to return it to the original and rightful owner of the said money.

The man who has found the money has been identified as Sankarsana Behera, a young farmer from Badihi village under Mahakalapada of Kendrapara district.

As per reports, Sankarsana was going to his paddy field on the Badihi Bijayanagar road on December 31 in the morning to reap paddy when he found a bag of cash fallen by the side of the road. As he opened the bag, he found two numbers of bundles of currency notes of Rs 500 denomination in the bag. He then waited there for some time so that if the person who has lost it would come in search of the cash, he would hand it over to him. However, nobody came.

Now, the young farmer has kept the cash along with the polythene bag with him. He has said that he wants to return the money to the original and rightful owner of it. He has asked that the rightful owner should come to him with appropriate proof so that he can return it to him.

If no one will come forward to demand the money with appropriate proof the farmer will deposit it to the Government treasury so that the Government will be the owner of the money, he said.

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