Man Develops Solar powered Car in Mayurbhanj of Odisha

Once the car would be authorized to run on the road, you don't need to pay anything for fuel, as it collects power from sunlight


The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the worst phases in human history. Due to lockdown, people all around the world had to go through innumerable problems. Many ran out of their livelihood and lost their jobs.

However, Sushil Kumar Agarwal, a businessman of Mayurbhanj has made the best use of the lockdown and has developed a four wheeler car that runs on battery and solar. The vehicle can run for 300 kilometres after full charge, claims the maker.

This might sound like a fantasy or science-fiction for some. But it’s true. The best part is Sushil has not used too many expensive parts on the car. The car is made using a battery, a motor and a few other gadgets.

The advantages of the car are manifold. Importantly, one does not need to fill petrol or diesel in this car, as it runs on solar power. With the ever increasing rise in petrol and diesel, this car can help trigger the next industrial revolution.

“Since long I had the passion to develop a new car. I got the opportunity and time during the lockdown. So, I developed a car that will run by battery. The battery will be charged using solar power,” Sushil said adding that he has also set up a solar plate that will charge the battery.

“The battery takes eight hours to be charged after which the vehicle can run for 300kms. I have fitted a motor and the car can easily ferry 5-6 people,” he added.

“The lockdown started in March. We started the project from April 15. It took me a couple of months till November to fully develop the car,” he said. Sushil also has the dream of setting up his own company in Bhubaneswar and developing vehicles.

“With the help of Pratap Chandra Sarangi, MSME Minister, I’m planning to set up a production unit at Hanspal area in Bhubaneswar. We will take a loan of Rs 1 crore and begin the process,” Sushil quipped.

“Due to lockdown, there was no work. So, I started working on the project with Sushil babu. We followed his instructions and finally developed the vehicle,” his gardener said.

“We followed the diagram as per Sushil babu’s direction and finally developed the vehicle,” another worker said.

Sushil wants to dedicate the vehicles to the poor who cannot afford to buy expensive four-wheelers.

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