Man Denied Proper funeral Due To Inter Caste Marriage In Odisha

Kendrapara: Even after 73 years of Independence, caste discrimination is still a reality.

In a shocking incident, a man, who died of prolonged illness in a hospital in Cuttack was denied proper funeral by his family members and villagers due to his inter-caste marriage in Odisha.

As per sources, the deceased Ajay Palei was a primary school teacher in Kandira village under the Rajanagar block of Kendrapara district had married a Dalit woman teacher Taapoi. The villagers and his family members both protested against the marriage and denied to accepted their marriage as both of them were from different castes.

Later on the couple was boycotted by the villagers. Despite their protest, the couple lived their life happily when one day Ajay fell ill and was admitted in a hospital in Cuttack and finally succumbed to his illness on Friday.

Ajay’s body reached his village at 7 pm on Friday but the villagers and his family members denied to assist in his cremation. His wife Taapoe pleaded for the help of the villagers in performing the last rites but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

After 8 hours, Maa Sarala Help Foundation members came forward to help Taapoi to perform her husband’s last rights, Ajay was finally cremated at 3 am in the morning.

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