Man catches giant lobster, video goes viral: Watch

A man lately caught a giant lobster in the United States which he claimed is about 100 years old. He took to Instagram and shared the video.

Exhibiting the huge lobster, Instagram user Jacob Knowles posted the video to the social media site and said in the video, “This is quite possibly the biggest lobster we have ever caught.”

Mr Knowles is of the view that he could catch the lobster because it has small claws. According to him somehow the lobster lost his claws and grew back some new ones. And hence it does not fits to the size of its body.

Mr Knowles also said that it is quite possible that the 100-year-old lobster would have been caught by his family.

Later the fisherman tangled some food to the claws of the lobster and threw it back to into the water.

Posted five days ago, the video has so far earned more than 1300 links and large number of comments.

Watch the video here: 


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