Maiden cocaine seizure in Odisha: South Africa link found

Bhubaneswar: In the maiden case of cocaine seizure in Odisha many startling information have been found. As per latest reports, South Africa link of the said cocaine smuggling has been suspected after South Africa currencies have been seized from the accused persons Rabi Singh and Sunny Kumar.

As per reports, both the accused persons will be taken on remand for further investigation of the case. The Crime Branch STF has urged the Court for five days’ remand of these drug peddlers.

The STF will probe to know about, since when they were running this illegal trade of Cocaine in Bhubaneswar, who are the others linked to this illegal network, whether the illegal trade was limited only to Bhubaneswar or it had spread to any other cities of the State — answers to all these questions will be found.

On the other hand the seized cocaine contraband has been sent to the State Forensic Laboratory for test. Crime Branch STF is checking the CDR of the two accused persons.

In a first of its kind, the Special Task Force (STF) had seized cocaine weighing 202 gram from Xavier Square in Bhubaneswar on April 13.

It is worth to mention that this is first case of seizure of Cocaine in Odisha. Unlike Cannabis (Ganja/ Marijuana/weeds) and Heroin/ brown sugar (prepared from opium) Cocaine is not produced in India. Cocaine is produced from Coca plant which is a native to South America. It is mainly produced in Latin American countries like Colombia, Peru & Bolivia and consumed mainly in USA and Europe.

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