Mahaling Sunshine Public School teacher missing case: Most wanted Govinda Sahu nabbed

Sindhekela: In a big development in the Mahaling Sunshine Public School teacher missing case of Odisha, the most wanted Govinda Sahu has been nabbed from Budhipadar area of Sindhekela earlier today. He had absconded from Police barrack when he had been detained for interrogation. It was informed by the Superintendent of Police, Balangir.

As per reports, Police nabbed him when he was hiding in a sugar cane farming area.

Earlier today Balangir police had declared the accused Govinda Sahu as most wanted. An announcement of reward Rs 1 lakh had also been done in his name.

Also earlier today a half burnt body had been found buried under the ground at an under construction mini stadium in Mahalinga area. It is being suspected that the buried body is of the missing lady teacher Mamita Meher.

Govinda Meher, the owner of Sunshine Public School, who was detained in connection with his alleged role in the missing of the lady teacher, had escaped from Police custody in Titlagarh. Three police personnel who were guarding Govinda at the barrack were suspended from service for dereliction of duty in this connection.

It is to be noted that principal of Sunshine Public School in Mahaling area Mamita Mehera was missing. Mamita’s family members had alleged that Govinda Sahu was sexually harassing women employees of the school and forcing them to have physical relation with him. She was asked by Govinda to reach Sunshine Public School for a meeting and later she went missing. Her family lodged a complaint with the police against Govinda and accordingly he was detained by the police for questioning.

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