LPG cylinder prices become cheaper; check new rates here

New Delhi: It is a good news for the people of India, who are going through a harrowing time due to the ongoing lockdown in view of COVID19 outbreak across the country, that the LPG cylinder prices have reportedly become cheaper.

It is worthwhile to mention here that there is a change in the price of LPG cylinders across the country on the first date of every month. Thus, the LPG cylinder price in Delhi has been reportedly cut by Rs 133 today (May 1). However, the price may vary State to State as per the taxes imposed on them.

According to reports, consumers in Delhi had to pay Rs 744 per LPG cylinder in the month of April, however, now they have to pay Rs 611 only. Likewise, in Rajasthan’s Jaipur the consumers will have to pay Rs 61 less than what they used to pay (Rs 792) last month.

Check cities & the new rates of LPG gas

Name of the city Price in April (2020) Price in May (2020)
Kolkata Rs 839.50 Rs 774.50
Chennai Rs 826 Rs 761.50
Mumbai Rs 776.50 Rs 714.50
Gurgaon Rs 811 Rs 750
Noida Rs 801 Rs 739.50
Bangalore Rs 807.50 Rs 744
Bhubaneswar Rs 839 Rs 774.50
Chandigarh Rs 758. 50 Rs 583
Hyderabad Rs 862 Rs 796.50
Lucknow Rs 841 Rs 779
Patna Rs 835 Rs 621


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