Lovers Caught By Police In Bhubaneswar During Covid-19 Lock Down, Were Flouting All Norms

Bhubaneswar: As the lock down due to coronavirus extends to 30th April, police are facing new challenges everyday. They are facing new problems with each passing day.

2 couples was caught red handed by police yesterday. They were sitting under a pole and chatting when the police caught them.

Neither were they wearing masks nor were they following social distancing norms. These people, 2 boys and  two girls were caught by the PCR van  during the enforcement rounds.

Since both the girls were above 18 years of age, they were allowed to go home after signing a bond. The 2 boys belong to Kedarpalli area of Bhubaneswar while the girls belong to Balianta block.

The couples were caught by the Police Control Room (PCR) Van when they were sitting and chatting near Tankapani road and someone complained to the police.

Questions have been raised as to how the girls were not stopped anywhere in their journey between Balianta to Tankapani road.

According to sources, the 2 girls have been handed over to their family whereas the boys have been held up in the police station.


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