Lock down: Odia engineer stranded in Kolkata, loses mental stability, attempts suicide

Bhubaneswar: An Odia engineer reportedly lost mental stability and attempted suicide after getting stranded in Kolkata of West Bengal due to nationwide lockdown that has been announced to curb coronavirus pandemic. As per latest reports, he has been admitted to a hospital for treatment.

Saroj Mangaraj from Athagarh of Cuttack district in Odisha is a senior engineer. He had been to Kolkata.

One month back his wife had returned to Odisha. However, he was stranded due to lockdown. He allegedly attempted suicide on April 12.

His family members intimated about Saroj to Badamba MLA Debi Prasad Mishra who briefed media about it.

After knowing about the incident Bansdroni Police of Kolkata looked into the matter. With interference of Bansdroni IIC and with the help of an expert Anjan Behera, Saroj has been admitted to the hospital run by Hope Foundation. His wife has requested Odisha Govt to make arrangement for her husband’s return to Odisha.

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  1. Samit says

    No arrangements of his immediate return to Odisha shall be made else all the migrant labours & staffs would do the same or try to fake a suicide in hope of being transported to their native state!


    Our childrens are also in pune Maharastra we want to request west bengal govt please arrange to bring our childrens at home town.

  3. Aneesa Samal says

    Sir, even I have attempted to reach out to different people to help me bring my husband back who is stranded in Koraput. He is alone there with no one else to look out for him. Even am alone here. Sir, please do something, this lockdown and separation is causing anxiety and mental imbalance.

  4. Jaba Roy says

    The situation seems to be totally similar to the one I am facing now. It’s been twenty seven days and counting me and my son are detached from my husband and my son craving for his father’s presence and is on the verge of suffering serious depression .Inspite of my numerous tries including requesting the state government of West Bengal where I am trying to servive in lockdown, my husband is also suffering the same scenario striving in lonelyness in Rourkela Orissa to please arrange a mode of transport so that my son can meet his father.

  5. Ratnarupa Ray says

    I agree with Samit. Even my husband is stuck in Pune and I am in kolkata. But if everyone starts moving at this pretext then the system will collapse and affect everyone.

  6. Shri says

    How stupid these people are?? They don’t care about their and their family’s life but want to return to their howtown.. These people should not be allowed to return otherwise they would just end up speeding the virus..
    Let them commit suicide … At least this way they will die alone and would not kill thousands of people..!

  7. Ruma Ghosh says

    So much fake news. Difficult to believe a senior engineer must have that much of understanding about the situation of our country . Suicide? A normal person suddenly cannot suicide must be there is some other reason behind it.

  8. Surojit says

    While doing engeeneering, Saroj must have overcome, many difficulties, the journey of life is nothing but struggle…. no point is breaking down young man… get up and get going, such situation will not last forever and there is always a light glowing at the end of the tunnel…. when depressed, think of the millions around the world who not only are separated from near and dear ones, but have not been able to bid goodbye to them, as dead bodies are not being handed over to families….. can you imagine the pain and suffering…… you are much better than that…. feel blessed…you are lucky….

  9. Das Soumoyajit says

    Now in this scenario lots of people are away from their homes, some in different states some out of India and unable to return, but still till the situation improves and all transportation starts we have to remain where we re now, attempting suicide or faking something serious to home is an act of cowardness, which could not be tolerated in this situation. If a single person is moved from one state to other, then other people will also try to take that advantage and create chaos.We need to have patience and hope everything turns out well after the lockdown

  10. Siddhartha Chakraborty says

    Unbelievable, a software engineer attempted suicide because of his inability to get back to home. If it is true then he already must have been a mental patient and lockdown has probably triggered more depressions.
    There is absolutely no question of entertaining such requests to facilitating travel otherwise it would be a mayhem. There are lacs of poor migrants stuck in the borders living in horrible conditions.

  11. Alok Mishra says

    President Trump has stated that initial fear of Corona was unfounded and that he is actively considering removing lockdown in USA . Trump administration has realised that Corona is similar to regular flu. As per reports in Times of India dt.16.4.2020 Trump has blamed his advisors , “Inept Doctors” for exaggerating the death rate of Corona pandemic which is very inaccurate and Far from ground realities…. As such I am really confused why India is not taking stock of current situation prevailing in US and end the lockdown. Japan never ordered any lockdown and there population have developed ” Herd immunity” and now they are immune to Corona and situation is perfectly normal there. India like US must end the lockdown.

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