Little School Students Engaged In Menial Labour, Video Goes Viral

Cuttack: Little students engaged in school construction work, while the teacher stood there watching and giving instructions.

The incident has taken place in Gopabandhu English Medium School in Pratapnagari, Cuttack district.

The school is under the jurisdiction of the water resources department of the government of Odisha.

The kids were seen filling heavy iron trays with sand and carrying it to the construction site.

The video of this act has become viral. The school teacher was contacted to comment on the issue.

He has said that, since Sawaswati Puja is round the corner the road had to be repaired he engaged the kids in the work.

Very blatantly he said that the puja is for kids and they should work for its preparation and repair the roads leading to the school.

This act of the teacher has been highly discussed and criticized in all quarters.


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