Laxmi Baraha temple of Aul in Kendrapara district: Origin, legends and mysteries: Watch

As per belief, there is a mysterious God’s stone in the temple which can be lifted only by a person who do not have pride and jealousy

Kendrapara: The presiding deity of Aul area in Kendrapara district of Odisha is Lord Laxmi Baraha. A few days back the Janma Utsav (Birthday festival) of the God was observed amid Covid restrictions. On this occasion large number of devotees participated in the festival.

Birthday festival of Lord Laxmi Baraha is celebrated each year on the occasion of the Baraha Dwadashi. The God is not only the presiding deity of Aul area, but also of Rajkanika and Pattamundai. It is believed, wishes of the devotees get fulfilled here by the grace of God.

It is said that there is a stone in the temple premises which is impossible to be lifted by a human being. It is regarded as the God’s stone. The devotees who do not have pride and jealousy can lift the stone.

Aul area is known as the Baraha Kshetra. The Janma Utsav of Lord Laxmi Baraha is celebrated with pomp and show. Other deities such as Lord Jagannath, Baman, Shiva and Sankatmochan are worshipped here as the parswadevatas. Here all the festivals are observed with much enthusiasm. As per the rituals, here 5 Abakasha are executed while three lamps are lighted.

It is said the Lord had been brought from Jajpur and established here. A few ancient legends are attached to it.

In 1567 Raja Ramachandra Dev, the eldest son of Gajapati Mukunda Dev had established royal administration here. As per the legend once Aul king Nilakantha Dey had visited the Biraja Kshetra of Jajpur. He was on fasting. Later, as he was ordered in the dreams, he brought the God from Jajpur and established in Aul.

The locals have demanded for all-round development of the temple keeping in view the large number of footfall of the devotees.

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