Last rites of Cobra performed in Odisha’s Kendrapara district, watch

Kendrapara: The last rites of a Cobra was performed in Kendrapara district of Odisha on Wednesday night after a youth killed the reptile accidentally. This rare incident took place in the Giranga village under Marshaghai Police limits of the district.

As per reports, a 4 feet long venomous snake entered into the cowshed inside the premises of Brajkishore Naik’s house yesterday night in Girang village. The snake was first spotted by Braj Kishore’s wife. As soon as she saw the snake, she started shouting.

Hearing her words, her son Shashikanta rushed to the spot and bit the snake to death. Later, after this news spread in the village, the villagers came and saw the snake and recognized it as a cobra.

After knowing this, the last rites of the cobra was performed and it was cremated. The villagers performed the last rites of the snake at a place that is in a little away from the village.

Snakes are usually found in abundance on rainy days. Since many people are afraid of snakes, they start beating it as soon as they see it. On the other hand, many people have died due to snake bites by coming in contact with snakes accidentally.

So people often kill snakes when they see them in the house or outside the house. At this time, if the snake accidentally approaches, then people get extremely scared. Because the snake was poisonous, no one particularly went near it. A video of such an incident has gone viral on social media.

It is believed that we worship the serpent god in the form of Lord Shiva. However, in the present case, the person who had accidentally killed the snake accepted his guilt for killing the snake in ignorance and set an example by performing the last rites in a temple.

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