Lady requests for Selfie; Naveen agrees with a smile

Naveen allows lady to take selfie with himBhubaneswar: The Selfie mania has gripped the younger as well as older generation these days. And, politicians are not immune to it. However, there are a few, who don’t disappoint their fans. Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik is one of those generous people.

While going to Delhi on board Air India flight today to attend the 200 years of Paika Rebellion, Naveen Patnaik met Sudatta Khuntia who requested him for a selfie. With a smile, Naveen agreed.

A happy Sudatta sat near the CM and clicked the selfie, which her father later posted on Facebook. “The CM is the best. He is the people’s Chief Minister”, was one of the first few comments made after the pic was posted.

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