Krutika Mishra death mystery unsolved, police still in dark

Bhubaneswar: While the Commissionerate Police is still in dark in the probe into the mysterious death of Class-VIII student Krutika Mishra, who fell off the terrace of her apartment in BJB Nagar area on Sunday, her posts on Instagram ahead of death has sparked new speculations.

One of the Insta post of the deceased which was being examined by the cops reads, “It’s a bug secret, Big, Yeah, Kahaku Kahibuni, Loka Janigale bht problem heba, you can understand right.”

The Commissionerate Police is still wandering, what the purpose and intention of such a post.

The second post of the girl is even more interesting, somebody asks Krutika in it, “Where are you going,” and she answers, “Hell, May Be Heaven,” and again “K I’ll take you tomorrow for sure.”

However, as the family members have yet to lodge a formal complaint in connection with Krutika’s death, police is finding it difficult to go ahead with the probe. At the same time the note written on the forehead of Krutika stating, “PERFECT” has made the picture more confusing.

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