Know why only School students sell vegetables at ‘Mathematics Market’ in Keonjhar dist of Odisha

Anandapur: Coronavirus pandemic has hugely affected lives of people from different sectors and of all ages. Not only professionals but students have also become victim of pandemic. During lock down schools were closed for classes. Mostly, students of the Govermennt Schools in Odisha fell victim to the closure of schools for this long period.

At this juncture an NGO of Keonjhar district in Odisha came up with a unique idea called ‘Ganita Haata’ (Mathematics Market) to make the students able to get educated with practical usage of mathematics.

One can witness only kids selling vegetables at a market in Mugupur village in Anandapur sub division of Keonjhar district. We can see books and copies in their hands while they would call out customers like the scene we use to come across at normal vegetable markets.

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At this weekly haat students become the vegetable sellers. These are students of Government schools. Accordingly to the NGO it is an initiative to educate the students on mathematics.

Aspire NGO started this market after the lock down phase. This is for their qualitative development, claims the NGO. By dealing the customers at their own, the students get to learn mathematical calculations and things regarding weight and measures.

Here students weigh the vegetables at their own and also receive and refund money to the customers. It has been observed that customers are happy to buy from the students.

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