Know WHO’s 5 mantras to keep food free of bacteria & viruses

Be it raw food or cooked food sometimes we store them in the fridge. Often these foods get contaminated when we make some mistakes inadvertently while storing them. However, we are not even aware about it. The World Health Organization (WHO) has given 5 formulas of healthy food, keeping in mind the Corona Pandemic following which we can keep the food free of bacteria and viruses.

We should know how to store food in the refrigerator

Through a video from the World Health Organization, it is being told to people all over the world how to keep food in their fridge free from bacteria and viruses. Also, which bacteria and viruses are the most harmful.

There are three types of microorganisms

This video, released by WHO, states that the food we store in our fridge or at other places in the house consists mainly of three types of microorganisms. These include bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

– The first number are microorganisms, which make our food tasty and healthy. Such as good bacteria that make yogurt from milk. The second type of microorganisms are those which completely spoil the taste of a food and smells from that food. Whereas the third type of microorganisms are those about which nothing is known by taste and smell.

Know WHO’s 5 mantras to keep food free of bacteria & viruses

These microorganisms are the most dangerous

According to WHO, microorganisms of the third category are the most dangerous for our health. While the second number of microorganisms we come to know because of their presence, our food starts smelting or changing the taste of our food.

– While the presence of the microorganism of the third category is not known to us and we cook and eat that food. Such microorganisms are more commonly found in non-veg food.

What are the problems?

According to WHO, these microorganisms of the third category are called pathogenic microorganisms. If a person consumes food that contains microorganisms of the third category, then the person has problems like stomach pain, vomiting, loose motion, diarrhea, fever. Sometimes such contaminated food becomes the cause of death due to all these problems.

Their number increases very fast

– Pathogenic microorganisms grow very rapidly. They prepare their copies very fast and start taking important parts of the body in their grip. Although these microorganisms are very deadly, they can be protected.

Five ways to eat clean

Following are the 5 ways mentioned by the World Health Organization to keep food clean, hygienic and free from these microorganisms.

-Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before applying anything to the food.

-When keeping food in the fridge, keep raw and cooked food separately. By doing this, the life of both types of food is increased and pathogenic microorganisms do not grow in them easily.

– When cooking, cook the food well. Avoid eating raw or undercooked food.

Know WHO’s 5 mantras to keep food free of bacteria & viruses
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Food will be full of taste and health

– Store the food on the correct temperature. So that bacteria do not flourish in them. Talk to the experts to get information about it or read the manual that came with the fridge carefully. Also, it is written on the food packet that at what temperature and for how long it is safe to store that food. Keep these things in mind.

-Use clean water when making food. Also, check the expiry of the spices you use and use only good quality spices. Keeping these things in mind, you can keep yourself healthy.

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