Know What Is WhatsApp OTP Scam And How It Leads To Fraud; Follow These Methods To Avoid

WhatsApp is currently the world’s most popular messaging app. But Whatsapp is also the victim of most hackers. There are various methods adopted by hackers for hacking Whatsapp. A similar hacking case has surfaced where hackers hack your friend’s account. Then you send a personal message and in this way the fraud is executed.

How do you execute fraud?

In WhatsApp OTP scam, hackers hack your friend’s account and make many messages to you. Meanwhile, an OTP will be sent to you from the hackers. Hackers will then claim that that OTP has been forwarded to you by mistake. After this, hackers will ask you to share the message on your number. In this way, as soon as you share OTP, hackers will lock your WhatsApp account. And your WhatsApp account will be completely controlled by hackers. Hackers can then carry out a banking scam with you. Apart from this, hackers can also ask for financial support from you.

How to avoid

  • To avoid the incidents of WhatsApp fraud, users should use two factor authentications.
  • WhatsApp links coming from unknown numbers should not be opened. This could be a bug or hacking software.
  • You should not download files from unknown numbers on WhatsApp.
  • Do not trust the message received from the account of a friend or relative.
  • If a friend or relative asks for money by messaging, then please confirm once by calling with a friend or relative.


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