Know The Trains Cancelled/Partially Cancelled In Titilagarh-Rayagada Section

Rayagada: Due to constraints in train operations and in view of safety of both trains and passengers, East Coast Railway (ECoR) has decided to cancel/partially cancel a few trains in Titilagarh-Rayagada railway section.

Officials said that track fitness has been given at very slow speed of 10kmph with caution order to keep a sharp lookout for water level on the track and in nearby areas.

“As the speed at the site is quite slow, the number of trains that can pass at the site will automatically get reduced. We are monitoring the situation with continuous patrolling of the track. Senior \officials are also at the site to monitor complete restoration of tracks,” said an official.

Few trains in Titilagarh-Rayagada route have been cancelled and partially cancelled.


1) 58529/58530 Durg-Visakhapatnam-Durg Passenger from both the directions from 09th to 13th August, 2019.

2) 58301/58302 Sambalpur-Koraput-Sambalpur passenger from both the directions from 10th to 13th August,2019.

3) 58303/58304 Sambalpur-Junagarh Road-Sambalpur passenger from both the directions from 10th to 13th August, 2019.



18301/18302 Sambalpur-Rayagada-Sambalpur InterCity from both the directions from 11th to 13th August 2019 will run between Sambalpur and Titlagarh and will remain CANCELLED between Titlagarh and Rayagada.

58527/58528 Raipur-Visakhapatnam-Raipur Passenger will remain cancelled between Rayagada and Titlagarh from both the directions.

18006 Jagadalpur-Howrah Samaleswari Express from Jagadalpur on 11.08.2019 will originate from Sambalpur instead of Jagadalpur and will remain cancelled between Jagadalpur and Sambalpur.

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