Know few things men don’t like, but would never tell you

Every gender has some traits or the other, which the prospective other half dislikes. Though pop culture and ‘modern’ society have termed women as complex beings, there are as well certain things about men which are difficult to understand.

To know few of such things and get a hand at it, scroll down!

#1 Trying To Change Him:

Almost every man follows this rule in his mind. From his dressing style to his chosen friend circle, daily habits or his taste in music, these are the certain things he has been at par with since the very beginning. Trying to imply a change in any of these would be considered as an attempt to hinder his built paradise. Men do not appreciate any activity as such!

#2 Emotional Manipulations:

There’s no way better than emotions to express what a person feels from inside. It becomes a turn off for men when they are tried to get manipulated by using emotions as a tool. An honest way in love for men is to be forthright about the things in mind. So, only a subtle hint is likely to go a long way for the ladies who want a guy to approach them be as pretence of caring but also wanting him is only likely to chase him away.

#3 Long Phone Conversations:

In the ‘honeymoon’ phase of the relationship, long phone conversations that seem like necessity of life, aren’t actually so. Ideally, a conversation of 10-15 minutes every day is enough to sum up the entire day until the conversation awaits some important event or incident. Though many females fail to understand this, men certainly do not appreciate hours of on-call conversations after a certain period of time.

#4 Power Struggle:

Power struggles are a huge turn off for men, who do not try to compete. Woman earning more, being better looking or more educated is not what’s really a subject of intimidation. Many a times the reason behind a troublesome relationship is the dynamics of the mentioned power-struggle among the couple.


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