King ‘Kansa’ of Dhanuyatra Takes Holy Dip at Puri Sea Beach

Puri: Bhubaneswar Pradhan, who enacted the role of demon King ‘Kansa’ during the 11-day-long Dhanu Jatra festival in Bargarh of Odisha, took a holy dip at Puri sea beach today to get rid of his bad deeds.

Later, Pradhan visited the Shree Jagannath Temple seeking forgiveness from the Lord for the sins he had committed while enacting his role.

Some of Pradhan’s associates who played the characters of his ministers also accompanied him during the trip. He also called on Puri Shankaracharya Swami Nischalananda Saraswati to sought his blessings but the seer was absent from his place.

Pradhan was selected among 27 artistes through an audition to enact the character of Kansa.

The 11-day Dhanu Jatra, which began on December 31, concluded yesterday with the death of tyrannical King Kansa at the hands of his nephew Lord Krishna.

Notably, the grand festival is based on Krishna Leela and Mathura Vijay. The story begins with the legendary king of Mathura Kansa ascending the throne and ends with Krishna killing his uncle Kansa.

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