KIIT, KISS Founder Dr Achyuta Samanta leaves no stone unturned to prevent COVID 19

Bhubaneswar: In the wake of coronavirus outbreak in the country and in the state many measures are being taken to fight against the deadly disease. In this context, Founder of the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) and Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) are taking every possible step to help out people to stand against coronavirus. He has adopted some major steps for KIIT and KISS.

As per Dr. Samanta’s Facebook posting, 5000 non-teaching staff at KIIT and KISS have been given compulsory paid leave to be at their homes, and conduct training and sensitization programmes in their own native blocks and panchayats.

Dr. Samanta has said in the post, “Awareness, I believe, should be encouraged and spread far and wide at the grass root levels and communities should be effectively prepared to tackle this deadly menace looming large upon us. IEC in a proper manner to the panchayats through our staff, supporting the initiative and advisory of the state and health entities will help us together fight this battle.”

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  1. ss108 says

    What about the full time PhD students ? They do not consider fulltime PhD students as humans. Do PhD students also get paid leave as they are also humans susceptible ro corona virus ?

  2. Suresh chandra jha says

    Kindly let us know about kiit holiday agaisnt korona virus prevention for students….when class will remain start?

  3. KIIT says

    We want our hostel and mess fees to be paid back. Although he is giving paid leaves to his employees, but he doesn’t care what his students will do. They are paying but will not be able to stay in hostels and he should give refund for the current 2 month leave.

    The online classes are also going on which I strongly recommend and appreciate but what about the internet charges that has to be paid by the students . Every student are not coming from rich background. He should look after these common issues .

  4. Debasis Acharya says

    Awesome effort Sir. Your service for the Humanity and Nation always remains commendable. Go ahead we are with U.

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