Kenyan Coach Patrick Sang offers to train Budhia Singh

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Bhubaneswar: Renowned international coach for long distance athletes Patrick Sang has offered to train Odisha’s marathon talent Budhia Singh in the future.

“After hearing about the extraordinary childhood of Budhia, where he ran marathon-equivalent distances more than 25 times by the age of six, the 54-year old Kenyan coach takes a cautious approach,” Reuters reported.

Budhia had stunned the world by running 65km in 7hrs, 2min at the age of six. He, now 16, practices on his own without any coach here and aims to win gold for India at the 2024 Olympics.

Meanwhile, Sang suggested that Budhia should undergo a thorough physiological and psychological test by the medical experts. “If he is found clinically and mentally fit, his potential would be put to test to assess his capability,” he pointed out.

The Kenyan coach also said if Budhia proves his capability, people should come forward and help him to pursue his goal.

After turning 20, Budhia will have six years’ time to participate in the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles, said Sang, who recently visited Bengaluru to attend the TCS World 10K event.

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