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Kendrapara women protest against Liquor shops


Kendrapara: Hundreds of women staged road-blockade in the Kendrapara-Orata road in Marsaghai block of the district to press their demand for removal of two liquor shops located at Angulai Chhak in the area.

The agitating women also ransacked the said liquor shops.

“As the liquor shops remain open from 7AM to 12 midnight, the students, particularly girl children, face various problems due to the presence of the drunkards in the main road”, said an agitating woman.

Another woman alleged that the men in her family were spending all of their daily wages on liquor and quarrelling with the family members regularly.

Pointing out that alcoholism was on the rise in the area and leading to domestic violence and destruction of their families, the protesting women said liquor vends must be removed from Angulai Chhak.

Local Sarapanch and Samiti Member also extended their support and joined the protest.

Meanwhile the police administration reached the spot to pacify the protestors.




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